B-Learner: Quasi-Oracle Bounds on Heterogeneous Causal Effects Under Hidden Confounding

Miruna Oprescu, Jacob Dorn, Marah Ghoummaid, Andrew Jesson, Nathan Kallus, Uri Shalit

ICML 2023

iCVS-Inferring Cardio-Vascular hidden States from physiological signals available at the bedside

Neta Ravid Tannenbaum, Omer Gottesman, Azadeh Assadi, Mjaye Mazwi, Uri Shalit, Danny Eytan

PLoS Computational Biology, 2023

Overfitting: Interpolation and Invariance are Fundamentally at Odds

Yoav Wald, Gal Yona, Uri Shalit, Yair Carmon

ICLR 2023

What drives performance in machine learning models for predicting heart failure outcome?

Rom Gutman, Doron Aronson, Oren Caspi, Uri Shalit

European Heart Journal – Digital Health, 2022

Reinforcement Learning with a Terminator

Guy Tennenholtz, Nadav Merlis, Lior Shani, Shie Mannor, Uri Shalit, Gal Chechik, Assaf Hallak, Gal Dalal

NeurIPS 2022

Scalable Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis for Causal-Effect Estimates of Continuous-Valued Interventions

Andrew Jesson, Alyson Douglas, Peter Manshausen, Nicolai Meinshausen, Philip Stier, Yarin Gal, Uri Shalit

NeurIPS 2022

Commentary on “Causal Decision Making and Causal Effect Estimation Are Not the Same… and Why It Matters”

Uri Shalit

INFORMS Journal on Data Science, 2022

Tell me something interesting: Clinical utility of machine learning prediction models in the ICU

Bar Eini-Porat, Ofra Amir, Danny Eytan, Uri Shalit

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On Covariate Shift of Latent Confounders in Imitation and Reinforcement Learning

Guy Tennenholtz, Assaf Hallak, Gal Dalal, Shie Mannor, Gal Chechik, Uri Shalit

ICLR 2022

Causal-BALD: Deep Bayesian Active Learning of Outcomes to Infer Treatment-Effects from Observational Data

Andrew Jesson, Panagiotis Tigas, Joost van Amersfoort, Andreas Kirsch, Uri Shalit, Yarin Gal

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On Calibration and Out-of-domain Generalization

Yoav Wald, Amir Feder, Daniel Greenfeld, Uri Shalit

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Quantifying Ignorance in Individual-Level Causal-Effect Estimates under Hidden Confounding

Andrew Jesson, Sören Mindermann, Yarin Gal, Uri Shalit

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Conditional Distributional Treatment Effect with Kernel Conditional Mean Embeddings and U-Statistic Regression

Junhyung Park, Uri Shalit, Bernhard Schölkopf, Krikamol Muandet

ICML 2021

COVID-19 dynamics after a national immunization program in Israel

Hagai Rossman, Smadar Shilo, Tomer Meir, Malka Gorfine, Uri Shalit, Eran Segal

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Socioeconomic disparities and COVID-19 vaccination acceptance: a nationwide ecologic study

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Hospital load and increased COVID-19 related mortality in Israel

Hagai Rossman, Tomer Meir, Jonathan Somer, Smadar Shilo, Rom Gutman, Asaf Ben Arie, Eran Segal, Uri Shalit, Malka Gorfine

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Development and validation of a machine learning model for predicting illness trajectory and hospital resource utilization of COVID-19 hospitalized patients – a nationwide study

Michael Roimi, Rom Gutman, Jonathan Somer, Asaf Ben Arie, Ido Calman, Yaron Bar-Lavie, Udi Gelbshtein, Sigal Liverant-Taub, Arnona Ziv, Danny Eytan, Malka Gorfine, Uri Shalit

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Bandits with Partially Observable Offline Data

Guy Tennenholtz, Uri Shalit, Shie Mannor, Yonathan Efroni

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CausaLM: Causal Model Explanation Through Counterfactual Language Models

Amir Feder, Nadav Oved, Uri Shalit, Roi Reichart

Journal of Computational Linguistics, 2021

Generative ODE Modeling with Known Unknowns

Ori Linial, Neta Ravid, Danny Eytan, Uri Shalit

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Using deep networks for scientific discovery in physiological signals

Tom Beer, Bar Eini-Porat, Sebastian Goodfellow, Danny Eytan, Uri Shalit

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Identifying Causal Effect Inference Failure with Uncertainty-Aware Models

Andrew Jesson, Sören Mindermann, Uri Shalit, Yarin Gal

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A causal view of compositional zero-shot recognition

Yuval Atzmon, Felix Kreuk, Uri Shalit, Gal Chechik

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Can we learn individual-level treatment policies from clinical data?

Uri Shalit

Biostatistics 21 (2), 359-362, 2020

Developing a COVID-19 mortality risk prediction model when individual level data is not available

Noam Barda, Dan Riesel, Amichay Akriv, Joseph Levi, Uriah Finkel, Gal Yona, Daniel Greenfeld, Shimon Sheiba, Jonathan Somer, Eitan Bachmat, Guy N Rothblum, Uri Shalit, Doron Netzer, Ran Balicer, Noa Dagan

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Robust learning with the Hilbert-Schmidt independence criterion

Daniel Greenfeld, Uri Shalit.

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Off-Policy Evaluation in Partially Observable Environments

Guy Tennenholtz, Shie Mannor, Uri Shalit

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Harmonizing Fully Optimal Designs with Classic Randomization in Fixed Trial Experiments

Adam Kapelner, Abba M Krieger, Uri Shalit, David Azriel

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Building Causal Graphs from Medical Literature and Electronic Medical Records

Galia Nordon, Gideon Koren, Varda Shalev, Benny Kimelfeld, Uri Shalit, Kira Radinsky

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Learning Weighted Representations for Generalization Across Designs

Fredrik D Johansson, Nathan Kallus, Uri Shalit, David Sontag


Removing Hidden Confounding by Experimental Grounding

Nathan Kallus, Aahlad Manas Puli, Uri Shalit

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Automated versus do-it-yourself methods for causal inference: Lessons learned from a data analysis competition

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Causal effect inference with deep latent-variable models

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Structured Inference Networks for Nonlinear State Space Models

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Estimating individual treatment effect: generalization bounds and algorithms

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Learning representations for counterfactual inference

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Deep Kalman Filters

Rahul G Krishnan, Uri Shalit, David Sontag


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Coordinate-descent for learning orthogonal matrices through Givens rotations

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FuncISH: learning a functional representation of neural ISH images

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Modeling Musical Influence with Topic Models

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Descending Systems Translate Transient Cortical Commands into a Sustained Muscle Activation Signal

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Using topic modeling to detect and quantify semantic change

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New Developments in the Quantitative Study of Languages